Tony Sabeta

B. Eng. (Electrical) - McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Registered Patent Agent ( Canada & U.S.A.)

Tony represents clients in a variety of high-technology industries, and has prepared, prosecuted, and secured patents in the computer and electrical areas such as software, hardware, electrical circuitry, virtual/augmented reality, computer graphics, network data storage, network security and monitoring, wireless networking devices, RFID systems, depth sensing technology (e.g., LiDAR), display technologies, sensor/actuator systems, social media networks, online advertising, distributed data processing, neural networks, machine learning, big data analysis, financial services (e.g., mobile payment, smart cards), video and audio encoding, block chain, digital currency (e.g., Bitcoin), medical devices (e.g., imaging systems, minimally invasive surgical tools), and agtech.

He is a partner with the patent & trademark firm of Aird & McBurney LP located in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Tony has hands-on experience in the areas of wireless communications systems, digital electronics, programming, including the development of traffic management solutions for mobile data networks. He has held positions at some of Canada’s prominent law firms and IP boutique firms. In addition, he has worked in a legal department of a global telecommunications company, where he developed and managed an extensive patent portfolio covering wireless networks, IP switching platforms, unified communications, mobility and security applications.

Tony uses his expertise to help early-stage companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and universities protect their innovations, as well as develop, maintain and exploit their patent portfolios. He provides clear and concise guidance for navigating the complex intellectual property landscape. When working with clients, his primary focus is on developing and implementing intellectual property strategies with an eye towards nurturing the client’s growth and long-term success, including increasing their valuation. He is an active member of the firm’s startup team which works with early-stage companies to educate, and advise them on intellectual property matters, and supports the Canadian startup community through free educational resources, seminars, speaking engagements, and sponsorships.

He also advises clients on other intellectual property matters, including patent portfolio acquisition and management, patent portfolio licenses, joint development agreements, freedom-to-operate opinions, patentability opinions, infringement opinions, validity opinions, including litigation support. In addition, Tony conducts IP due diligence for companies involved in early/late stage financing rounds, mergers, acquisitions, and public offerings, as well as for VC investors involved in such transactions.


> May 15, 2017: OCE Discovery - Exhibitor

> March 10-11, 2017: Judge, Entrepreneurship Competition - The National Business and Technology Conference

> March 1, 2017: Canadian Crowdfinance Summit 2017

 Strategies to Protect Your Revenue by Securing Intellectual Property (IP) Rights before Launching

> January 25, 2017: “Do startups need patents?”, Extreme Venture Partners/ Extreme Accelerator, Toronto

> November 10, 2015: “Software Patents: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game”, BNOTIONS, Toronto